Recent Projects & Exhibitions

Drawing the Line 

British Library, Late Night Event, 10th Feb 2017

Mappings II and Trace II are going to "draw lines" in the lobby of the British Library as part of the late night opening of "Drawing the line" exhibition.

Mappings II is a sculptural installation on the theme of scientific exploration, discovery, astronomy and creation of maps, charts and globes. The centre-point is a large rotating globe, onto which an uninterrupted automatic drawing is created from harnessing the harmonic movements of two independent pendulums. The whole installation alludes to models of moving planetary bodies in space where our relationship to our Earth becomes more evident as we realise that it is the gravitational force of the earth that is the creator of the complex mappings on the revolving globe. Our earth's forces are used to create an evolving image of itself.


Trace II is a sculptural device that alludes to scientific discoveries and pseudoscientific concepts such as phrenology, physiognomy, and craniometry. A revolving plaster cast of the artist's head is slowly deconstructed into a mathematical diagram that changes as time passes. The peculiarities of the human face that as humans, we attach so much importance to, is dematerialised into a changing drawing that embodies the differential undulations of the human anatomy. Trace questions our notion of self and how through technology we have found different visual representations for the individual. DNA profiling, retina scans and the fingerprint are all things that are conjured up by the meticulous mechanical process of the work. Physical form is turned into a topographical landscape where the illusion of the form is rematerialised.



The Thin Veil - Kinetica 10th Anniversary Exhibition 

Bermondsey, London (17th -19th February 2017)

The exhibition will focus on what is real, perceived or imagined. Invisible realms will be explored to create an awe-inspiring and engaging experience.

Bolygo will exhibit SkyLoupe, a lumino-kinetic installation, that creates an infinitely varied light-scape in its environment. It breaks the coherent light source of lasers with various optical gratings that cause an almost random interference pattern. These projected forms become reminiscent of very distant cosmic bodies that encapsulate the viewer before disappearing and morphing into another shape. These ephemeral shapes play out a sequence that alludes to natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis where the viewer is kept in suspense not knowing where, when and what is about to happen.



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