(2009) wood, aluminium, arcrylic, motors, optics, electronics, laser diode

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The Epicycloidoscope is likened to a Musical Theremin, but instead of producing soundwaves from the interference of electromagnetic waves, complex lightwaves are produced by a moving laser beam. The device responds to the movement of the user and in turn, translates the finest of human movements into intricate Lissajous curves or epicycloids in the form of momentary light forms. The infinite amount of light drawings, can be projected onto any surface, and embody live human interaction, where human action becomes transfigured into ever changing illuminations. As the user gets sucked into the hypnotic effects of physically changing the laser projections, a game unfolds in the mind where the will for creating ordered patterns become dominant. The conflicting patterns of chaos, order and harmony, become things that the mind wants to rationalise and control. The Epicycloscope taps into the human desire to seek for universal order in random chaos.

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