Bolygó’s artistic practice explores time based sculpture and installation, combining artistic imagination, invention, science, mechanics, and engineering to create processes that reveal natural phenomena. Bolygó makes kinetic sculpture that over time create different types of images – drawings, paintings, etchings, films, light projections etc. The machines are sculptural objects that act out an artistic activity. The idiosyncratic nature of the pieces recall early scientific instrumentation and perhaps allude to a time of great spectacle, when the division between Art and Science was ambiguous and blurred.

Recent Project


Trace II is an analogue drawing machine that alludes to scientific discoveries; physics, engineering, mathematics, cartography, and the experimental apparatus of science. The kinetic sculpture alludes to a time where the research of the polymath in art and science was intertwined.

From the Journal

Polycycle 2

2022.09.22.|0 Comments

Polycycle 2 Polycycle 2 is installed onto large glass surfaces, and will draw or etch a slowly accumulat -ing rhythm of patterns over the duration of the show. The piece explores the nature [...]