(2005) Long and Ryle Gallery London

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Solo debut show of 'mappings'

"Balint Bolygo constructs machines that draw, using bespoke engineered components and adapted equipment.   Movement - generated by motors or pendulums - launches these creative automatons into activity, from which point the artist himself is no longer present. Reminiscent of the nineteenth century's obsession with the dark potential of science, and its god-usurping powers, these machines are at once mesmerising and menacing. Like the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice, the manic ˜automatic" drawings are initiated by the artist but, once begun, out of his control; conjuring up both delight and apprehension."

Excerpt from press release (Tom Juneau - Long & Ryle Gallery) 

Mappings consist of a kinetic sculptural installation on the theme of scientific discovery, exploration and the creation of maps, charts and globes. The centre-point is a large rotating globe, onto which an uninterrupted automatic drawing that was made over the duration of the exhibition.

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