(2011) Canary Wharf - Lightbox Gallery, Canada Walk, Canada Place

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6th January - 25th February 2011

The drawings were made using a complex array of inter-connected pendulums that use a needle to etch away paint or soot off a sheet of glass. The movement of the pendulum is called Simple Harmonic Motion and due to the complexity of variables in the drawing mechanism, each drawing is completely unique. The devices are made and invented by the artist and are types of harmonographs that use gravity as a force to make unique patterns. The images are the results of traces of the time, movement, and the artist’s interaction, whilst the pendulum is pulled to equilibrium by the Earth’s gravitational pull. These gravity-induced drawings hint at recognizable images found in nature that have also been formed by this universal force. The earth’s gravitational pull is harnessed to produce completely unique forms that often resemble images not dissimilar from ones found in astronomy.

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