Petri Dish Universe

(2007) glass, carbon, acrylic, LED ribbon

These drawings were made using a series of finely balanced pendulums that move a needle that etches away a thin layer of soot on a sheet of acrylic. The devices are made and invented by the artist and are types of harmonographs that use gravity as a force to make completely unique patterns. The images are the results of traces of the time and movement whilst the pendulum is pulled to equilibrium by the Earth's gravitational pull. The soot that is on the glass relates to Carbon being the most abundant component of life and also of the Universe. The earth's gravitational pull is harnessed to produce completely unique forms that often resemble images not dissimilar from ones found in astronomy. The drawings are inside a backlit Petri dish - usually used by biologists to grow and populate microorganisms. Here the artist is growing drawings inside this miniature space where the relationship between our microscopic and gigantic universe becomes evident.

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