(2008) Aluminium, mirror, (proposal)

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‘Pixelement’ is an optical sculpture that brings about a truly unique experience for the viewer. It is made up of many periscope tubes that guide the light to the image wall from different positions. One end of each periscope points out from the pixel wall – towards the viewer – whilst the other end of the periscope is pointed through various angles in different directions, and points towards different details of the environment around the sculpture. As every pixel – or periscope unit – is different the viewer does not know which part of the environment is being reflected. There can be images of the sky, houses, trees or even self-reflections of the viewer from different points of view. The ordinary environment is suddenly reduced into a scrambled chaos for the viewer to make sense of. It is like a digital picture that has its pixels mixed up. The known environment is reduced to a series of disconnected fragments. The images that ‘Pixelement’ brings together are of the familiar surroundings around the sculpture, but they are placed out of context, and are presented unexpectedly and surprise the viewer. The viewer needs to re-familiarise himself with what first seemed a recognizable location.

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