Polycycle II

(2005) steel, motors, wire, pens, electrics

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Like Polycycle I this piece examines the way the seemingly predictable and cyclic movement of a Spiro-graph can over time result in an image that is quite unexpected. The mechanisms become more interesting when their inaccuracies and flaws as machines introduce elements of chaos and confusion and suspend its universal order. The unpredictable nature of the materials used leave traces of disarray but also of chance in the structured frame of things. The two halves of polycycle II create a kind of mechanical algorithm where one half is inversely reciprocating the behavior of the other half. The resulting images that record the passing of time explore the dialectic relationship between opposites and reversals and embody the fundamental nature of the forces that brought it into existence. The nature of the mark on glass is also played with where images are inverted depending on day and night, inside and outside. Rather like combining the positive and negative of a photo results in a blank image, superimposing all the different elements of Polycycle II, will result in the nothing having taken place.

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