“ArRay” 2012
Stainless steel, nitinol wire, power LED, Optics, electronics

Tracing Time
Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London

‘LangAGES of LIGHT- Feny Nyelvek’
Feny Nyelvek’ Kepes Institute, Eger, HU

Balint Bolygo
Huret Spector Gallery, Boston MA USA

‘ArRay’ is a lumino-kinetic sculpture that uses memory shape smart material – Nitinol – to bring the sculpture alive. The work uses a single light source and an octagonal prism that splits the light ray into 8 shafts of light. These all hit an array of 8 reflective surfaces that are made to gently move with the Nitinol. The nanostructure of this memory shape material allows two solid crystal structures to alternate between each other depending on the ambient temperature. As these crystalline states have different physical size and shape a physical movement occurs during the transition that can be likened to muscle movement.

‘ArRay’ is a sculpture that uses these nano-scale activities and magnifies it to create a movement in the structure that with light makes the human environment come to life.

‘ArRay’ resembles an intriguing man-made mechanism – made of seemingly dead materials such as steel, aluminium, acrylic etc. This characteristic is completely contradicted by the organic movement with which the sculpture is brought to life. The ambiguous movements and light effects conjure up high-speed footage of moving plant life, microorganisms, insects or even bioluminescent deep-sea creatures.

The work not only explores the relationship between animate and inanimate, but also goes deeper to externalise on human proportions, properties that happen in nature on a Nano-scale. The connection between the microcosm and macrocosm becomes apparent whereby nature’s systems reveal fundamental similarities regardless of whether we are staring down a microscope or a telescope.