“Aurora” 2010
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Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green, London

Aurora refers to the astrophysical phenomenon of the polar lights caused by solar winds. The piece is an installation that uses a combination of rotating and fixed mirrors and strong lasers. Due to optical laws of internal reflection and refraction, the light effects create a changing light sculpture out of the whole space, where no two moments are the same. The architectural features of the Town Hall Lobby define the unique nature and structure of the piece.

Whilst occupying real space and volume, ‘Aurora’ opens up an eternal virtual space of light within our own familiar and tangible environment. It displaces the viewer into an entirely new spatial experience that raises questions about human perceptions of form, space and time.

“I wanted to create a piece that is about transforming a familiar environment in an unexpected and non-invasive way. To compose an event with the space where the element of chance and order combine, to dislocate the viewer in a unique sensory experience.”