“Eclipse” 2013
Aluminium, acrylic, laser, motor, electronics
80 x 80 x 35cm (installation size variable)

Light Alchemy
Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Balint Bolygo
Huret Spector Gallery, Boston MA USA


‘Eclipse’ is a light sculpture that creates an infinitely varied light-scape in its environment. It breaks the coherent light source of a coloured laser with various optical gratings and projects an almost random interference pattern onto the surrounding environment. These projected forms become reminiscent of very distant cosmic bodies that encapsulate the viewer before disappearing and morphing into another shapes. These ephemeral forms of light play out a sequence that alludes to natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis where the viewer is kept in suspense not knowing where, when and what is about to happen. The sculpture hangs overhead like a revolving satellite hanging in space and its delicate structure and motion creates an animated shadow of itself and eclipsing its own form with every rotation.