“Particle” 2018
Steel, motor, lighting
80x80x150cm (Installation size can be site specific)

Light Alchemy
Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Particle is a luminokinetic work that plays with light and shadow. The slowly rotating sculpture is derived from photographic film reels obtained from CERN’s Synchrotron. The photographic records date back to the 70s and their etching-like beauty are reminiscent of modernist art and design. ‘Particle’ re-appropriates these images and layers them in three dimensions. There is an importance in trying to capture these physical traces in the sculpture.

Delicate shadows of ‘particle pathways’ go in and out of focus as they move across the surface space. The compelling movements are momentary forms that are in constant flux – the viewer is free to roam the field between the scturture and shadow often relating his or her own shadows to that of the sculpture’s.