“Pulse” 2006
Nickel-titanium wire, acrylic, steel, nylon, electronics
1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 m

Magnetic Vision
Kinetica Museum, London UK

‘Pulse’ explores the relationship between nanoscale and the parsec proportions of the universe. The movement of the individual gores of the reflective sphere, are brought about by the changing of the crystaline structure of shape memory metal (NiTiNol). The atoms of this metal alloy rearrange when exposed to heat, and change the physical dimensions of the metal. This expansion and contracting movement is enlarged, and harnessed by the mechanics of the structure like a biological muscle. The movements of atoms are transformed into a pulsating orb that changes its optical properties as its surfaces warp. ‘Pulse’ has a natural rhythm, which is governed by the time that it takes for the atoms to rearrange from one crystaline state to the other. The visible movements and its imersive effects, are a direct transformation of the invisible nanoscale movements of atoms.