(2013) Aluminium, acrylic, optics, motors, electronics, lasers

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 'Skylight' is a permanent installation at Level 39, Canary Wharf Tower in London. The work uses a combination of rotating and fixed mirrors and laser sources to generate an ever-changing light environment. Due to optical laws of reflection and refraction, the light effects create a changing light sculpture out of the whole space, where no two moments are the same.

'Skylight' plays with its settings in one of London's most famous skyscrapers and evokes the natural phenomena of the Aurora Borealis within its interior. 'Skylight' brings the outside inside and adds a new context within the exposed guts of the office space - air conditioning ducts, pipes, cables and structural elements all become features of the artwork that celebrates the experience of 'seeing how things work'. 

"I wanted to create a piece that is about transforming a familiar environment in an unexpected and non-invasive way. To compose an event with the space where the element of chance and order combine, to displaces the viewer in a unique sensory experience."

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