Sky Loupe

(2012) Aluminium, acrylic, lasers, motor, electronics

'Sky Loupe' is a device that creates an infinitely varied light-scape in its environment. It breaks the coherent light source of lasers with various optical gratings that cause an almost random interference pattern. These projected forms become reminiscent of very distant cosmic bodies that encapsulate the viewer before disappearing and morphing into another shape. These ephemeral shapes play out a sequence that alludes to natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis where the viewer is kept in suspense not knowing where, when and what is about to happen. 

For this installation artist Balint Bolygo teamed up with Pavegen to power art through the viewers’ footsteps. Pavegen produce paving slabs, which generate power from human footsteps. An unnoticeable 5mm of movement is enough to harvest the wasted kinetic energy and convert it into off-grid power. The electricity can either be collected in Pavegen’s storage system or be used instantly for interactive applications such as street lighting, advertising displays, bus stops and artwork.

This installation raises questions about the insignificant every day act of walking and how it can be turned into beautiful totalities, emphasising the fact that in our daily lives we are all surrounded with beautiful and fascinating energies– if we choose to look for it – even beneath our feet.

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