The Face of the Shape

(8th Dec 2011 - 10th Jan 2012) La Scatola Gallery, London

Private view: 6pm - 8:30pm on 8th Dec

'Pulsar' will feature in an extensive group show at the La Scatola Gallery, London curated by Valentina Fois. 

‘Pulsar’ opens a virtual light well in the ceiling of the Gallery that evokes looking at the night sky. It creates a fathomless dynamic light field that alludes to pulsating neutron stars. The sculpture plays with both the rigid laws of physics and the accidental. 

"At a time when ‘mixed media’ has become a blanket with which to cover and obscure the formerly well-defined and hard-fought realms of sculpture, painting and installation, any working definition of medium becomes both abstruse and all-inclusive. Rather than abide complacently within the abyss of namelessness, ‘THE FACE OF THE SHAPE’  will showcase a new era of sculpture, one that does, in fact, mix media to explore form, but also embraces each dimension, of space and of concept, more fully, in contour, craft and narrative, than its recent predecessors."

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